Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gun To My Head, Wishing I Was Dead

With a gun held to my head,
Thoughts of wanting to be dead,
Chills going up my spine,
Knowing now you are not mine,
Killing these thoughts,
I'm the only one you forgot,
I'm just the kid next door,
I'd never be anything more,
Gun to my head,
Wishing I was dead,
Face full of tears,
Living this life of fears,
You still believe it's me,
But I'm far from what I used to be,
I used to be smart,
My knowledge, it fell apart,
I used to be the one you relied on,
Now you leave me alone,
Gun to my head,
With thoughts of being dead.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Emo Song/Poem

I dream and i scream,
I say things that i don't mean,
I hold in my pain,
By cutting through my vein,

I let my hair fall over my eyes,
I don't cry on the inside,
My hair is coal black,
I let things hold me back,

I dream and i scream,
I say things that i don't mean,
I let things get to me,

I cry over losing something,
I want everything,
to go my way,
to have a better day,

I feel nothing is right,
That i wont make it through the night,
I've lost everything i own,
My emotions are all i've shown,

I dream and i scream,
I say things that i don't mean,
I don't move when i go to a show,
because I'm emo.

I didn't come up with this because I'm emo. I Just got bored last night and this is what came of that.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Like A Shadow

You say you love me
you lay your hand and fortune at my feet
i thank you girl with all my heart for love so sweet.
you make the world move you rule
your tastes of course your fine.
our world shut in four blank walls
know you or care what light is there?
what shadow falls?
live in dreamland till it ends
you write romantic notes
that bore friends
but mean everything to him.
some of us have hearts and minds
so much worse for us and you
we seek a better life what can we do?
we cannot build and sail ships
or drive engines that are weak
to think and to speak or write something romantiac as yours
alone in tears that you hate
so forced within ourselves again we sigh and wait.
your thoughts unshared
your life unknown
like a shadow
day and night i live in your sight
devoted to your every whine
i vow to die for you so you must live for all time.
when you've nothing else to do
dont waste your hours thats not kinda of you.
what can we hope to know of u?
of hands not hearts you grant my bitter words are true?
of others not of you.
your love is steady as a star but we shall see.
you say you love me have you thought?
how much those little words contain?
a world of happiness and worlds of pain.
your all in me? but have you thought
that i may have my ways and dreams too?
you love me well but have you thought if i love you?
think again you know me not.
you trust me? one word more?
but by and by my face will fade it must with time it may with care and shine.
your heart is mine? while life endures is it so?
then here's my hand my heart is yours